Originally from Thurso, I am a 22-year-old with future ambitions of working in the design sector, creating inspirational work that highlights the pride I feel whenever I construct and produce designs that I am proud of. It is important that I produce work for clients that brings joy and satisfaction to them because that is the most impactful part of working in design.

Over the past four years at UHI I have learned to share artistic inspiration for the betterment of group work. Furthermore, I have learned to be more patient in my learning, taking my time in discovering new possibilities with my work; watching it grow and improve with helpful and constructive feedback every year.

I find that my best artistic tribute is my flexibility when it comes to projects. My style often changes to fit whatever brief I have been given, and I always take my time in creating something meaningful for the clients I have had the pleasure to work with in my time at UHI.

I much prefer to work with digital methods because I find that it offers a much more professional and finalised appearance. My skills with Adobe Software have improved dramatically in these last four years and I have always relished the challenge in learning new software and design techniques. However, I also enjoy working with traditional methods like pen and ink to explore unique and exciting ideas. This means that my designs flow more freely across various media and I can change the feel of my work easily to suit the needs of the brief or the client.


tegan brown

Final Cover and Spine Photoshopped.png