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laura kirk

I am a 20 year old from Seaboard Villages.  My overall ambition is to become a book illustrator as I feel like I have a drive to create engaging stories through my work.

I feel my watercolour work suits a lot of genres inside predominantly fantasy books, children’s books, and folklore based books. I love the process of bringing a story to life through watercolour illustrations.

From starting in 2017 I have learnt more than I thought would. The Adobe Suite has become my go-to software to use for any graphic or illustration purposes. Meeting clients and working with them to create exactly what they want is a wonderful experience, one which I find engages me in my work.

I would say my main attributes would be my passion and my patience involving a project, especially one that involves a lot of traditional work and “hands-on” illustrations. I feel like I am more patient with watercolour or paint as I know I can’t undo any mistakes so it has to be right the first time.