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scott gunn

Currently living at the top of the Highlands, I am a 23 year old Graphic Designer, with the ambitions of working full time in the creative industries. After graduating from the course I plan to get a job at a graphic design company to gain some real life experience in the field, however the pandemic has put these plans on hold for the moment, so I have had to adapt and started working from home and advertising my work and what I can do online, which has given me the drive to pursue my love of design further. 

The skills I have gained from UHI include working with various Adobe suite products such as photoshop, Indesign and illustrator. Prior to coming to UHI I had no experience of any of these programmes, so at first I found them quite difficult to work with but now I couldn’t see myself creating anything without them.

The best attributes I have are creating effective typeface fonts as well as logos and branding which is useful for me as I intend to have a career in this field. Being able to have creative freedom within my designs and seeing my ideas come to life gives me the motivation and confidence to work with others as there have been several campaigns that I have worked on in the years that I have been doing the course and have had great success in them.