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I am a 22 year old and I am from the Highlands of Scotland. My ambitions when leaving University is to move to Manchester or London and secure a job with a graphics design team. The dream would be to work with a fashion brand and produce their advertisements for their new season launches. I would like to take a couple of years out from studying to gain some real-life work experience before looking into doing a master’s. 

What skills/learning have you gained from the college: Throughout my years studying, I have gained many new skills. I have widened my knowledge of the adobe suite products and feel confident when using the software. This year, I have expanded my knowledge of typography. Typography has never been a strong point of mine but this year I chose a brief that was typography-based. Most of my design work is based on strategic design. This is something I learned in 3rd year and I have brought it into each of my projects this year. I found it has been very useful when it comes to implementing it on my designs that have the potential to make a difference in society.

Your best artistic attribute(s): I would say this year I have improved on my photoshop skills and it has become one of my best attributes. This year my work has mainly focused on advertisement campaigns which has allowed me to expand my photoshop skills. I think my strengths now lie in creating advertisement campaigns.


Jade Mackenzie