I am an artist and designer, residing amid the flora and fauna of the Kilmorack braes. I live to paint, and my work consists of experimenting with both traditional media and digital. I love combining both art and design techniques and influences in each individual piece. This tends to serve best in illustration, branding development and publication design. However, I have a very broad background from theatre-making to mural art and upcycling, and am keen to lend my hand at any creative project possible!

Whilst studying with UHI, my confidence in managing projects has evolved, as well as my digital editing skills, and allowing myself to get more experimental with my work. I have also had the opportunity to work with local businesses and activism campaigns - two groups I am very keen to pursue design relationships with hereafter. My design work is also heavily influenced by accessibility and being sustainable in both the making and printing of a product, and the imagery itself. I feel these lend well to my skillset as it encourages a broader audience to interact with my artwork, which in turn will benefit any users. 

My focus when designing is to create something person-centred, interesting and unique to the group it represents, and to find ideas for those who don’t quite know what they are looking for yet.