james dodsworth

I am a 22-year-old creative designer based in the Highlands of Scotland. I aim to progress into the design sector after obtaining my degree. I hope to liaise with clients to create work that I am proud of and that surpasses their expectations, all while building and improving the quality of my future portfolio. It is essential that the work I produce for clients is of the highest standard within the limitations of the project.  

My strengths have been improved over the last four years, I have refined my ability to create strong and vibrant imagery for logos and brand creation using my knowledge of illustration, photography and digital software. My ability to tailor my skillset to the needs of the project and client have also improved as each year has offered its own challenges in regard to process and organisation, preparing me for unique clients in the design world.

I have improved upon my social design settings in my time at UHI, although I thrive in creative, collaborative environments I am now also perfectly capable and comfortable with independent design work. My design process is also another skill that has improved over the last four years, creating and exploring additional routes for development based on a range of in-depth research. I have created work for a variety of clients including website designs for leading digital health companies and I was the winner of a competition to design a charity website.