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Animating the Designs

When it comes to creating these small animations both Yve and Lauren have been self-taught and used different ways, and sometimes even programmes, when it comes to their approaches.


Throughout the semester, I have used the Adobe Suite to create/develop my animation. Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop specifically. First, I’d take notes, initial ideas that might benefit the exhibition - and as I moved forward (through trial and error) I would create and develop these proposed ideas. This included the warped marble, and ‘loading screen’. I played around with the ‘glitch’ aesthetic, using different pieces of imagery that related to the theme of the exhibition.


When I am creating my animations, I often use Adobe Photoshop to create frame-by-frame works, I start with a starting image which will be the base layer for the animation that can be present multiple times throughout. I then tend to sketch out a rough idea in my head, and sometimes on paper if the animation is longer in length, and this allows me to somewhat see how the animation will turn out before I have even put pen to paper. Once I have a rough idea of how the animation will play, I then start with creating multiple layers that can be shown individually within each frame and each layer will sow progression of the animation and once these layers are complete, I can then start adding the frame and making the appropriate layers show when required. In addition to adding the frames, I often play with the duration that each frame plays for as I find speed can completely change an animation.

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