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Animation Experimentation

To get a good look as to what would kind of animations would work most efficiently within the other areas of the exhibition preparation multiple experimentations were produced and presented to the whole group for critique and suggestions moving forward. While not all of these experiments have made it into the final pieces here are some of the animations to show what has been occurring behind the scenes.

Yve experimented by giving life/movement to an otherwise ‘lifeless’ image. For example, using the already established imagery provided by the branding team to create something new, and dynamic.

RGB Glitch and Wobble

A ‘glitch’ signifies the presence of flaws/intentional errors in the original image. Using the imagery provided by the branding team, I experimented with the creative impact of the exhibition by adding a glitch/warped effect to the images created by both Alice and Tegan, reminiscent of the ‘RGB’ theme.

Using a ‘warped’ marble image, I created a GIF that looked like moving water, using the ‘RGB’ colour palette.

Loading Screen

I also created a GIF that would be used to tease the upcoming exhibition, a loading screen incorporating the marble texture developed by the branding team. Using both Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop, I added a glitch effect part-way through the video/animation.


A countdown (using the ‘warped’ marble texture that resembles water, incorporating the RGB palette) will be used to tease the upcoming exhibition. A nearly static image, the movement can be seen from within the text/number.

Working with mainly animating the previous designs of the branding team and consisting of mainly glitch effects, Lauren has experimented with text and imagery.

Insta Glitch

One of the first images that I experimented with was a teaser for RGB’s Instagram page which originally displayed an old-style television with ‘RGB’ displayed on screen, and so I decided to keep it simple and create a short GIF that showed the text showing signs of glitching every few frames.

Poster Bust Glitches

For this animation, I took details for an initial poster design and added a glitch effect to both the text above and below the main image, which is a bust positioned in the centre. As I personally enjoyed the look that I was able to create, I decided to try and create multiple variations of the same GIF by manipulating how the striped top layer appears over the over layers.

RGB Type Glitch

A rather simplistic approach to this image which shows the brands name repeated down the page in the typical red, green, and blue fashion to match the name. With this piece I decided to work with all the pieces of text individually while having the alteration show at the same time in the designated frames. As the eye wanders from the top ‘RGB’ text to the bottom the glitch effect gets increasingly more distorted.

RGB Type Wiggle

Similar to the RGB Type Glitch, the RGB Type Wiggle focuses on a list of text stretching from the top of the page to the bottom however the glitch effect has been changed to a wiggle that makes its way from top to bottom.

Catalogue Cover Glitch

The ‘Catalogue Cover Glitch’ created animation within a still image that had shown the brand’s secondary imagery (bust) with the head separated and the marble texture shown in a stretched fashion and so I created a GIF to show the stretch in motion.

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