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Animation Introduction

As small team of two, Yve and Lauren were tasked with using their unique skills to create small animations and GIF’s in relation to the work of the branding team.

This year we have all been working remotely and so it has not always been possible to come together to discuss what areas of the branding should have animated elements and as Yve and Lauren work well independently, they had agreed upon creating and mocking up animations and GIF’s separately allowing their own styles shine through in their work.

What the animation team creates will go towards social media promotion as well as any digital outputs including RGB’s own website and possibly be considered for the catalogue or even alongside.

Over the weeks both team members have been working away to create varying animations that incorporate the key points of the exhibition brand ‘RGB’ by creating movement within main textures, adding realistic glitch effects, and giving a different outlook on secondary images. While both designers had the same materials to hand, they both took very different approaches. Yve began to create works that that developed further than the basic materials given to create unique and effective animations. On the other hand, Lauren worked on animating the Images created by the branding team to achieve simpler results.

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