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Concept Feedback

Updated: Apr 29

Creating RGB

We received feedback from the class about specific designs and it was so helpful in progressing with ideas and textures for the exhibition.

After the initial experimentation we decided to use the title RGB. The class thought it was unique and it fits the overall theme of the exhibition so well. When creating possible designs that accompanied the mood board and intended traditional-meets-digital media encompassing theme slowly came to light, we decided the name ‘RGB’ was much more appropriate as we would be showcasing our usually physical, printed CMYK work as digital files, which are saved under the RGB colour mode. Now we can create designs that pertain to the theme more thoroughly.

Brand Idea Development

We started to experiment and brainstorm different ideas. We both got on with it without communicating too much about out ideas, this way we were able to create totally different designs to show the class.

The designs showcased below are developments for the branding:

Expanding Horizons

Scott and Jade made an Instagram to post about our exhibition and to get more of a following and appreciation for our work. Therefore, we decided to make designs that were unique to Instagram. They are showcased below:

Tegan created a Facebook page that would have an even broader connection to companies and potential future clients than just having an Instagram. We wanted to make sure that we could share as much of our work to as many people as possible and creating a Facebook page seemed like the best way to make more connections.

If you want to check out the pages use these links:



Picking a Poster

Moving forward we started creating mockup poster designs so we could better understand what was required for a successful poster design. The next big stage is to vote for a final poster for the exhibition branding from these developed designs.

It is incredibly important that the class have had a lot of input on the branding so far and that they will be happy with the final poster design, no matter what the majority votes for.

- Tegan and Ali

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