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Finalised Concept

Updated: May 7

We have been working closely together to determine what our final poster and branding should look like. We have done our best to work towards our aesthetic as well as listen to the other voices in the class, whilst also remaining true to our design vision. We have chosen a path that encompasses geometric shapes, bold typography, glitch effects, RGB colours (however not fully saturated as this looked garish on screens), and a paint-like liquid effect that is a reoccurring texture across our branding! The whole class liked this style so we have been manipulating in different creative ways to ensure it best showcases what our exhibition is and get all the correct information across. Our branding style has then been carried over into GIFs made by Yve and Lauren that we will be using as promotional material and on our website. We feel the textures we have used look very effective like this.

Below are the developments that were made in the final design process:

Teaser Poster

Since we have social media advertising on Instagram and Facebook we decided to enhance the anticipation by releasing a teaser poster. This includes the launch date and the bust image that was incredibly popular with the class initially.

The Invite

This invite design will be sent to possible connections and will also be sent to any friends and family of the students. This is another fantastic way to get the word out and it is a key factor in UHI supplying a press release for the exhibition on the 10th of May.

The Final Poster Concept

This final poster design stood out the most and had the best use of typography compared to the other designs. However, despite this design being chosen we still have so much imagery we can use for other aspects like the catalogue, the website, Instagram, and for digital invites.

Now that the final poster has been chosen, we can all move forward collectively in our individual endeavors.

- Tegan and Ali

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