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Finalized Catalogue

With the help of the whole class and my teammate, the designs for the catalogue were ready for their final touches. This took a little while to produce as the workload was split between myself and my teammate. This is because we agreed that the workload for the catalogue would be efficiently tackled if the two of us worked on it rather than one person.

By bringing in the heavy RGB theme with the catalogue, we felt as though this was the best decision as it still kept to the branding guidelines. Having the pages alternate between black and white also kept it interesting and repetitive, which is something that would make the catalogue more memorable. Including a dripping effect on some pages to link back to the traditional side of our exhibition. We tried to avoid using the exact same marble background to stop it from being exhausted in every piece of media we had.

With the overwhelming support and help from my teammate and the class, we created something wonderful and brilliant for the exhibition. This catalogue feels different to the usual catalogues you would see, but still very professional so that the designers were portrayed in a very good light. I feel as though this catalogue is the perfect addition to the exhibition, giving every designer their own space to express themselves and entice future employers.

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