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Initial Conceptualization

We were tasked with the creation of the branding and exhibition identity. We really wanted to test our abilities as designers, creating unique and thought-provoking imagery that pertains to the theme.

Before deciding on ‘RGB’ as the concept of our exhibition, we initially worked with the names ‘Blank’ and ‘Blanc’, inspired by the fact our exhibition was destined to be online rather than in a venue, and that we couldn’t think of a name. We experimented with some black and white imagery but felt it was not eye-catching enough.

After further evaluation we experimented with various textures, fonts, layouts, colours and designs so we could showcase possibilities to the entire class before deciding on specifics. It was important that we experimented as much as possible so that every angle and direction possible could be covered. Also, a name change was called for as we were not all fully set on the use of ‘Blank’.

The initial concepts and textures we came up with are showcased below:

These first designs were so important in establishing a theme for our exhibition. Moving forward we need to receive feedback from the class on our designs and work out how we can progress.

- Tegan and Ali

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