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Instagram - Planning Schedule and Posting

As we were responsible for the Instagram social media, Jade and I had our own meeting to discuss when we should post content to the feed. I decided early on that we should have the month leading up to the final exhibition date to really push what we were doing as a class so created an indepth schedule for the month leading up. This was good as it gave people plenty of time to finish off the works that they were doing for the Professional Project class as well as uploading it to the drive for us to post as this would be the class that we would posting first. We quickly wrote down the dates to give ourselves a rough timeframe as to how many posts we needed in the lead up to the event and worked it out from there. After I finalised the dates of when we should post, Jade took the information and created a calendar type schedule with all the information in it so that we could upload it to the shared google drive and made sure everyone was able to see what the plan of action was. We needed the whole class to work together to have things uploaded on time, if people did not provide us with content for their day the whole schedule would fall apart and there may be days where we cannot upload things. To ensure this did not happen we made sure to remind everyone in the class to upload their final works on the appropriate days or else they wouldn’t be posted as we didn’t have anything to put up for them.

For the second part of the schedule, we decided that we would post every day for the last 10 days as this would build up the anticipation even more for our final end of year exhibition. Not only did this allow everyone to have all works that they had been making this year complete but also give us enough content to fill the Instagram feed.

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