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The design of the profiles

Updated: May 12

Once we had a solid brand identity sorted out that the class was happy with we were able to really dive into the design of the plaques and the catalogue.

I did a lot of experimentation with the design and layout of the plaque and for the photos. I really wanted to push the boat out and try to test the limits of what could be done with the plaques.

I took suggestions from the class on how they would like to see the photos that were going on the plaque edited. I had everything from low key to glitched and distorted looking edits. I put together around 10 different photo edits for the class to choose from. Once I had all the edits sampled that the class had asked for I asked the class to vote on their favourite ones. This meant that I did not have to edit 10 photos in 10 different ways and made the photo editing process much easier and faster.

These are some examples of the different photo edits:

The next step was coming up with a design for the plaques themselves that the photos and student profiles would be put on. This was another area that I put together around nine different design ideas. I even had a design for the photos where they were in a brand themed frame to try to make the photos really pop. The reason for this was the brand colour palette is quite dark. After some trial and error and feedback from the class, we ended up with a super simple design that works really well and fits with the brand identity.

These are some examples of the different plaque designs:

- Nikita

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