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The development of the Catalogue

With the catalogue coming later than everything else, I looked to gather inspiration for the designs on pinterest. Gathering as many ideas as I possibly could. With the inspiration collected, I started with experimenting with the front cover designs. Having the help of my teammate, Nikita, we were able to design wonderful designs for the front cover. Keeping the traditional meets digital aspect to the catalogue, we used the image of the Greek bust as our front cover, creating different designs with the incorporated marble. Here are a couple of our favourites:

The rest of the catalogue had wireframes produced for it, giving us both an idea of what is going into each page. We wanted the catalogue to still represent a book of somes sorts, having endpages and blank pages to spread out the designs. We also had help from other classmates on what worked well with the layout. They also gave us some visual ideas, showing some designs that they felt would look cohesive and interesting.

Here is an example of what was produced:

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